Pokemon customization- an incentive to choose eevee

when first starting pokemon insurgence, youre presented with four starter options. Delta charmander, delta squirtle, and delta bulbasaur. wait, that’s only three. what was number four again. oh yeah, eevee. now, eevee is my favorite pokemon, yet I chose the fricking ghost dragon, because who wouldn’t? I mean, its not like that eevee gets a mega evolution or anything (sarcasm). so, I came up with a small idea to give you a little extra incentive to choose eevee. customizing it (and making it shiny). now, im not talking about anything crazy. just a hat or two, maybe a pair of sunglasses, but its the thought that really counts here. if someone hears “hey, you can customize you eevee, if you choose it” then they’ll be more likely to choose it. also, they’ll choose it if its shiny, so MAKE IT SHINY PLEASE! anyway, that’s all I got, hope you all enjoyed.

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If you really want to customize eevee, just edit its sprite. I’ve done that with my greninja here:

It’s simple really, or see if someone will help you customize it. I think the developers put it there in case you really didn’t want a delta starter. It wouldn’t make sense to make one starter better than the others. Especially when the developers really worked hard on the other starters.

People always seem to forget the actual incentive of choosing eevee: when you choose eevee, and you spend the effort that it takes to get far enough into the game, you get a mega evolution pokemon that can change it’s type at will into any four pokemon, with stat layouts similar to that pokemon, AND you get a ton of overpowered moves that can only be taught to eevee through a tutor. THAT is the incentive to picking eevee.

Now for your suggestion, Serenity is right. IF you want clothes or accessories on your eevee, just sprite them on your eevee sprite and put them in the game. After some practice it isn’t too difficult to do, and you can even post the sprites here in the forums to have people give you advice on how it looks and how to improve them!

damn i didnt realise how OP mega eevee is

Wow! That sprite looks awesome! Did you make it?

Why yes, yes I did :slight_smile:

Awesome :smiley:

I’ve tried doing that, but it didn’t really work. I tried customizing my Mega Typhlosion, and called the edit the same as the original and replaced it(I have thee back up for the original) which was 157_1 I believe. However, when I tried booting up the game and Mega evolving typhlosion, it just used the normal typhlosion sprite. What did I do wrong?

I don’t really know, maybe you replaced it in the wrong folder? Sorry, idk how to help in this one :confused:

I’m 99% sure that I put it in the right folder

I don’t know…Can you post a screenshot or something of where you put the file?

Just checked it again. Realized I didn’t even put the picture into the folder lol. I tried it out again and realised that when I mega evolve theres a giant white border around the sprite because I suck at computer drawing tools.

alright, glad you found the problem :slight_smile:

not all of us have to tools or abilities required to make sprites, and trying to find someone to them for you is usually pretty difficult. not everyone one is going to be thinking long term when they pick a starter. they just want one that looks cool. also, guess what? a lot of people will fail, and evolve their eevee.

you wanna be the one who makes them? Sorry, but 3D sprites are not made or really supported by the spriting team, so it would be up to the fans to make them atm.

Do you have Photoshop?

Download a normal ttar 3d sprite. Go to Photoshop and edit each frame, there are 56 but it shouldn’t take too long.

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