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Pokemon cries and many sound effects muted

Sooo apparently I downloaded the same exact 1.2.7 core folder but…

On my laptop, all sound effects are alright.

On my pc instead, all cries (except for Mew, Gen6 mons, delta starters lines and gen6 deltas) and few other sound effects (like most of move sound effects and turning on the pc) are completely muted.
Listening to the wav files on the Groove Music app made me believe that it’s just the files being corrupted so I copied the whole audio folder from the laptop version to the desktop version, but problem was still there.

So I decided to redownload all the cries and at least now gen 1 to gen 5 mons are alright (even though they are the 3DS updated cries but I didn’t care), but what about deltas? I could put some extra work to create all backward cries, but what about the Beldum, Petilil and Dwebble lines which have two delta lines each?

Plus… is UFI supposed to have a cry on its own or will you leave him the way he is?