Pokegear Login

I diddnt play it for a while now and changed computer…So i cant remember my passwort for the pokegear online play. Is there a way to reset it or do i have to make a new account?

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Online usernames and passwords are stored in the savefile since 1.1.0, so if you have been playing after that, they should already be entered in the login when you connect to the server.

Also, a handful of online accounts have been recently lost due to a problem with the server, so if you have your account details and it says “Username doesn’t exist”, then you’ll have to recreate your account.

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no it just says "The password entered is incorrect." Thanks so when Im at my old laptop again ill check those datas. Its just i dont have those save files on my new pc so I had to restart even a game…Unfortunatly…But so I can experience the great story again. Theres no way to reset them or delete the “old” account in worst case?

You can move your save files from your old laptop to your new PC.

There’s no way to delete or reset the old account though.

Ok, thank you. Best regards