Pokedex completion?

Hello, I’ve tried to complete the Pokedex, but the max number of Pokemon i can seem to get is 911, and I’ve seen a few Pokemon between Missingno and Delta Bulbasaur that i cant find out what they are, and i don’t even now if you can catch them all in the current build of the game. please help me out.

wait, nvm i realized i had a few more Pokemon to get that i forgot about, will post new total very soon.


i’ve been using that the entire time.

Which pokemon are you having problems with?

I’ve just accidentally defeated Zygarde and Latios, and i don’t know what to do.

I’m guessing its been a while since you’ve fainted them so no backups? If so, best chance is offering something worth similar value (usually shiny pokemon), or asking someone to trade back and forth for dex completion (where you don’t keep the pokemon) if dex completion is what you’re looking for.

P.S. Asking in the discord chat will get you faster results if you have discord.

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ok thanks, i have a few shiny’s and can offer them. thanks for the advice.

Actually I am trying to complete the pokédex to and I dont understand why the numbers jump from 722 to 727 between missingno and delta bulbasaur. Do any of you know why that is ?

im pretty sure its because those pokemon havent been added yet, though im not an expert

The devs had 4 more pokemon planned for the game which in the end they decided to scrap. The missing numbers are where the pokemon were supposed to be. As for why they didn’t just shift the remaining pokemons numbers, it was a lot less work to just leave them blank rather than having to change the numbers for the ones after those numbers. All the intended pokemon have been added and you will have completed the pokedex after catching all the pokemon and leaving those spaces blank.

my man i can help u for a shiny delta deino