Pokedex Bug?

So, I’m on patch 1.2.7, and when looking into my Pokedex I’ve noticed that the game shows me that I’ve caught Pokemon that I know that I haven’t caught (for example, Kricketune, several of the deltas which you can only obtain by evolving–some of which I hadn’t even caught the base form yet). It shows the Pokeball icon next to their name in the Pokedex and will even let me read the entry, but I’ve not obtained the Pokemon. I’m still trying to fill my Pokedex, so I’m not sure if these ‘caught’ pokemon are counting toward my “obtained” count or not. I’ve tried to look this bug up but the only thing I’ve managed to find are posts from years ago about a bug where people’s seen and obtained counts were too little and not updating properly to reflect the Pokemon they’ve actually obtained. This seems to me like a different issue. If this issue has already been resolved/addressed elsewhere I apologize, but I haven’t been able to find where that is.

Hey, I have the same bug and I’m just curious if you still had to catch the pokemon that you never caught before, but still had the pokeball icon next to their name?