Poison touch croagunk [SUN/MOON]

Trading Name: Arcedo

Offer: Any Alola pokemon you want with decent IVs (3 being the least) no shinies unfortunately

Request: Croagunk

Further info: I really want the hidden ability Croagunk and can’t find it anywhere thank you in advanced

Can you show me a screenshot of one of the alolan mons?

Hidden Ability Croagunk can be found in Friend Safaris if you have 6 badges.

Sorry I should’ve been more specific I meant in Pokemon Sun/Moon

I can send pictures I just don’t know how to pm on here

This isn’t a Pokemon Sun/Moon trading forum.

I know it isn’t but I really love this pokemon and I’m looking all over the internet to get one with the hidden ability. Sorry for the inconvenience I’ve just been looking for hours to no end.

Good luck!

Uh you should probably change the title to say it’s in s/m (add something like [SUN/MOON])

Here is a good place for trades. Use this instead

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