Poison Fang

So, I’m still breeding for the perfect Tyrunt.

But, I am in search of a Poison Fang Seviper. I thought it would learn it by now, but it’s level 49 and still nothing.

Not able to relearn it. Not sure if I have to move tutor it or something. Anyone know what’s going on?

it should learn it by level 21/22. dont know if the move set is different in insurgence. shouldnt be so.

That’s what I thought. I went by Gen5/6 sets. The latest it should have learned it was about 37. But it’s not learned it at all yet.

try breeding that with ditto and level up using audino and exp share

It looks like we gave Night Slash over Poison Fang by mistake at level 22. I’ll have to fix this for suze in an upcoming patch.

So it’s better just to wait for that patch update for this?

Unless you can find another Pokemon that learns Poison Fang and also breeds with Tyrunt, yeah.

Yeah, just looked up all who learn it. None who can breed with Tyrunt. I’m kinda sad now.