Plusle and minun armor

So, I’m finally back from vacation, and now that I have stable internet, I’d like to post this sprite of Armor for plusle and minun! People who recognize the reference, Congratulations to you! Oh yeah, here are sprites of plusle and minun Felt like making some backsprites so here!


This isn’t armor, this is a piece of clothing…

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so? maybe it’s got armor UNDERNEATH the cloth!:grinning: but seriously, this was just for a fun reference.

It’s an ōendan uniform, which is both super neat and super fitting.

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These look adorable but dont you think they would be better as delta lines? Electric/fighting would be so unique for the two

They don’t look different enough to be considered deltas.

yeah youre right

That is because they aren’t Deltas…

They are specifically “Armors” and I have absolutely no issue with their armor being a lighter Gi. If we had more armors this wouldn’t look that out of place.

We have a critical lack of armor which is a shame because I’d honestly would want a selection. Yet they are waaay less popular than Deltas.

They better add this, its so fuking cute