Pls dudes help

Trading Name: Ruggi

Offer: uhhh ask something

Request: the fucking delta liepard I killed

Further info: don’t ask my kidneys

I have a shiny one, you got anything good?

im close to catching one. i read the wiki and i dont plan on using it.

ya need any specific nature or ability.

by the way how can i make time pass quickly.

Don’t mess with time as it breaks the time based features like the pokepon and hidden grottos.

ah i see. guess il have to wait then.

unless, you’ve already got all the grotto exclusive deltas. then i see little reason to mess with the time

i think this man forgot he made this post

Sorry want a normal one, I killed mine

Well I suggest you to wait for delta ditto and keep one

Btw purloin is even better

I can trade you a D Purrloin.

Oh nice, i don’t have much yet, I’m still at calreath, what are you searching for it?

Just send a random pokemon, my trading name is the same as my user.

Tell me when you are ready.

I am ready whenever you are

Okay, I am ready.

It said you not online

Thank you so much

No problem.

Oh and btw do you think I will be able to beat calreath with that team?