Plot and Character Questions and Theories (SPOILERS)

So what kind questions does everybody have on the current story? This game has tons of them and even though we are far, many are still unanswered.

Here are mine

What is the identity of our Protagonist Wyatt/Nicole? (Ourselves)

I read some theories where people think that the protagonist is the First Augor. I don’t think thats true because its too cliche for the game to go toward that path. It wouldn’t be surprising and this game is good on twists. Though according to the various NPCs we talked to in various places, people think that the protagonist looked familiar.

Jaen said to Persephone that this little kid is dangerous. He is probably referring to the Prophecy or its probably something else? I think it wouldn’t be surprising that the protagonist is somewhat connected to the First Augor.

Who is our benefactor?

This is a question from the beginning of the game. Why save us? Is this somebody we know personally? I kinda speculate that its somebody from a cult because of how mysterious this person is. In the beginning of the game I thought it could be Reukra but for some reason I don’t think so anymore.

Who is that mysterious yellow person that appeared at the Abyssal base after Audrey’s supposed death?

I don’t think it was clear to me on who it was. Could it be our benefactor? I don’t think this is somebody who is connected to the cults that we know of.

What questions or theories do you guys have that keep you awake at night?


Q1. a lot of possibilites here. We could be the 1st Augor (least likely though),we could be some unknown figure who has had bad dealings with the Cults. We even could be an ex-cultist gone soft, heck maybe even a Cult leader that saw the light. Really, there’s a lot of possibilities.

Q2. I think it could be the 1st Author, he just can’t be plain dead.

Q3. probably a Cult not known about yet. Could be the games penultimate main antagonists. Though I have my hopes for Perfection taking that spot, there just so much better than the other Cults.

What my question is why the eff Persephone was memory wiping us and then gonna kill us? really no sense there

I don't think that Jaern thinks that the protagonist is dangerous because of the prophecy, because we encountered Mew AFTER we were kidnapped and had our memories erased. They wouldn't have known that we would fulfill the prophecy if we didn't have Mew.

This is a little bit crazy, but I think that maybe we're somehow related to the First Augur (maybe his son/daughter), and we were supposed to become the Second Augur, but Jaern was like the Augur's second-in-command and he believed that he should become the Second Augur, so he had us kidnapped and our memories erased so we couldn't become the Second Augur.

I also don't know why we had our memories erased if we were just going to be killed, but I hope it will be explained soon.


I was wondering why Peresphone wouldn’t just kill the protagonist right away too. I mean if the player was going to be killed anyway, why take the time to erase our memories?

If she killed us right away then our benefactor and Mew would not be able to save us in time. Erasing memories pretty much stalled time for them. The only thing we know is our name and according to Jaern, knowing our name is enough for us to remember our past. Peresphone screwed up even more. Then again she is not the most rational cult leader.

I also think that we are somewhat related to the First Augor too. As seen in the opening scene, Jaern was eager to take the place of Augor right after the disappearance. The protagonist might have been an obstacle for power.

i believe that cult have something to do with giratina

if it is a cult the reason i believe giratina because that one person from that cut-scene has a mask of giratina original form

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Thats very interesting, I did not noticed that the mask was Giratina. For some reason I thought that the person looks like somebody from the Super Sentai series

this makes wonder if there are more than 5 cults

I think it is very possible for another cult to appear that is not one of the 5. But they keep it low and people think that cult is some sort of legend.

i think i remember a book on how to bring giratina in the libarary

I remember reading a book about Giratina in the library or something that makes you hope Persephone does not see it. I can totally see her trying to summon Giratina.

I think you mean darkrai because there a book about that too i wonder who going to be in the infernal cult