Please i need druddigon

Trading Name:

Offer:delta ralts or normal rotom

Request: druddigon

Further info:i just started and would really appreciate a powerful dragon to help me get through the beggining

Just a druddigon? Sure, I can give one to you, free of charge.

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Alrighty, I’ll get on right now and I’ll trade it to you.

Trading Username is: XanderTheMerc19

if you haven’t checked out my profile yet.

EDIT: Did you register a username on the dexnav? It says your username on your profile doesn’t exist.

really thanks so much

how do i register

sorry i took so long it said my account was on hold because i am new

ok i registered and my name is ASU4LIFE

Ok well, probably need to schedule a time, lest it be a continuous cycle of replies.

I am PST.

i can do anytime tommorow

how about 12

I can do anywhere from 5:00pm to 9:00pm PST due to school and after-school activities.

OK lets do 6 if that works

Okay then.

i can do it now

trading name is ASU4LIFE

Aight, I’ll get on and we can start the trade.

what is yours again

Trading Username is: XanderTheMerc19

I wasn’t sure how to do it without trading

Oh, you usually just catch a trashmon and trade that away. I can trade back the rotom if ya want.