Please... I need a Larvitar/Pupitar

Trading Name:
Offer: Marshtomp, Fennekin, Croconaw or Riolu

Request: Larvitar/Pupitar

Further info:I need one for my team.

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Why so hard to get one? U can get one pretty early

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Oh, but how?

Samsara Cave for pupitar

cough cough the area you get pupitar in samsara cave is only accesible on post game I think .

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It’s in route 5

Noo, im talking about the area in the samsara cave, in which pupitar exists, which is accesible only by the use of waterfall or smth.

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i mean im preety sure i got it early in the game somewhere idk lol

to reach area 2F (where pupitar is found) you need waterfall iirc

I searched in the wiki, yes pupitar is post game in samsara cave but there is a trade for it in Selene city. Pokémon Insurgence wiki is actually more than helpful btw.


i can give you a lvl one pupitar do you want it stil?

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