Please Help With Trades

Trading Name: fabledoutlaw2

Offer: 5 iv Zorua, 5 iv Delta Snivy, 5 iv Delta Kabuto, 4 iv Delta Wailmer, 3 iv Delta Misdreavus, Xerneas, Moltes, or Cobalion

Request: > or equal to 4 iv Male Delta Deino, > or equal to 4 iv Delta Axew, and/or > or equal to 4 iv Delta Budew/Roselia w/shadow dance

Further info: It would help me immensely. Thank you in advance!

Also offering 5 iv Bulbasaur, 5 iv Delta Petlil (water), 5 iv Smeragle (with moody), 5 iv Charmander and a 5 iv Treecko

I also have a 6 iv Delta Venipede, 5 iv Delta Aron, 6 iv Swablu and a 5 iv Delta Yanma

I also have a 6 iv Shellder (skill link with icicle spear and rock blast), 6 iv Delta Petlil (fairy), 5 iv Snivy, 5 iv Delta Darumaka, 5 iv Delta Snivy, 5 iv Delta Larvesta, and a 4 iv Sneasel

Hi, I’m new for all these things, and in this game in general. But I heard that there’s a Delta Feebas in the postgame, but I don’t want to wait all that time just for that. Do you have one you could trade? It doesn’t need to be THE best one ever, just a random one that you could get without years of soft-resetting.
Thx in advance!

Unfortunately, I do not have one of those. I am also starting fresh on a new save, so i am fresh off the bat. That’s why i posted asking for pokemon

All of the above pokemon are still available

Hey are you on discord? If not get on discord and pokemon insurgence server there are many people to trade there are not much people on forums

Is there an invite code for the discord?

I joined it. Thanks

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