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Please help with my team


I am currently in Miara town and i have 1 extra slot on my team i was wondering if any of you could give me a pokemon my team is 49 and 50 also if you could i know this is unlikely but if that pokemon could possibly be a shiny that would be phonominal also hello i’m new here and very excited in meeting all of you and trading with you all thanks in advance Arblox

p.s have a great day


also my team is
Rotom-lvl 48
Typhlosion-lvl 50
Haxorus-lvl 49
Flygon-lvl 49
Delta Venasaur-lvl 50


You should try to get a Delta Axew as Axew is a very pokemon in general. I think you just have to go left/west and you will meet a guy that needs help with some robbers/criminals.