Please help me beat the 2nd gym leader

Trading Name: Sca

Offer: Any level ~40 or higher pokemon to help me beat the 2nd gym leader

Request: Hey guys ive been continuously getting my butt whooped by the 2nd gym leader, and my team is too underdeveloped to fight him. Ive been grinding for about 3 hours and can only beat like 3 of his pokemon. Any strong pokemon would be of immense help to me, ill even give it back to you when im done.

Further info: If the pokemon is honedge or aegislash i will forever be in your debt

I like debt.

How’s this?

sorry for the late reply i was making some tea, that loos amazing. whats your username. btw this is my first trade and im not sure how to do all of this

My trade name is Cow538.

Before we trade, I’m gonna actually teach it sword dance instead of toxic. Reason: send out the aegislash first, and use sword dance on the shucle. Once your attack is high enough, sweep through the team with your moves. I’ll send it with a heart scale so you can get Toxic back whenever you want to.

Read this Guide to online features in Pokemon Insurgence

ok sure! thanks so much again. this gym leader has been a constant thorn in my side for days, also i figured out how to get online, im waiting

Okay. Send a request to Cow538 now.

Did you recieve the aegislash?

Yes i did! i cannot thank you enough dude. have a fanatastic day!!!

You as well. Hope you are able to beat the gym leader.

And aegislash is yours to keep. Feel no need to return it.

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