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Please Add Cleanse Tag to Helios City Shop


Hi there,

I noticed that one Delta Pokemon requires a Cleanse Tag to evolve. This is great, but there’s only 1 such item in the game. To make issues worse, you require the evolved form of this pokemon to breed, so you use your only cleanse tag before you can actually start breeding for good IVs/Nature.

I know all substantial additions to this game have been implemented, but could you add Cleanse Tag to the Helios Department Store to compliment the other evolutionary items?

Alternatively, if there’s some other way to obtain Cleanse Tags could someone please let me know? (I tried frisking like 100 Chimechos but it looks like they can’t carry it unlike ORAS).

Thank you for making such a fantastic game.


Oh heck.


My mistake. I didn’t know if this was substantial enough to be considered a “feature”.

With that said, does anyone know if Chimecho has a chance to hold cleanse tag in this version?

If not please delete this thread.



I’m pretty sure they do, but I’m not 100% positive.


Nope, I’ve found one with a Colbur Berry so I don’t think it’s possible to get more Cleanse Tags.


Pokemon can have more than one held item.


Can this be considered a new feature?