Playing on mac (MACOS 12), huge lag spikes

im getting huge lag spikes when enter battles (between 15 and 20 seconds), and smaller ones when going to a new area (5-15 seconds), i also get shorter ones when talking to people (~3 seconds). im using a 2020 macbook air, 8gb ram, 224gb ssd. i just installed what was recommended for macs on the official site. is this fixable? i checked with fn+f1 and i do have smooth mode on, reduce screen flickering off, play bgm and me on, and play bgs and se on. like these glitches are so bad it makes the game almost unplayable, please tell me how i can fix this!

did you find a fix? having the same problem

I fixed this. The issue is Mac is unable to load .ogg audio files (which is why it runs fine at first, when it only has to load .wav files). If you’re fine playing without audio, just delete all the .ogg files. If not, read below…

Go to /Users/~/pkmn_insurg , drive C, Program Files x86, Pokemon Insurgence, Audio. Then use an audio converter to convert all the .ogg files in the BGM and SE folders into .wav files. I used “MediaHuman audio converter”, it was free. Delete all the .ogg files from those folders and replace them with the newly converted .wav files. Then, as a final step, you have to manually change all the file name extensions of the converted files from .wav to .ogg

Hope I help someone.

Is there any update for this? It’s really annoying