Plates or Primal?

I am looking to use Arceus for grass type coverage in my team. Should I use a Meadow Plate to give it STAB Judgement or should I use Primal Arceus with Energy Ball? Is there a better option? My team is Gardevoir, Magnezone, Primal Giratina, Blaziken, and Delta Goodra.

Probably Primal, simply because Primal Arceus is OP. But don’t take my word on that; it’s just my two cents.

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If you’re looking for grass coverage, idk why you’d want arceus in the first place. Primal just converts all attacks into neutral damage, so there’s not really much reason to run energy ball on primal. I’d just pick a different grass type honestly. I guess that you could run grass arceus with grass type judgement, but you could also run protean with energy ball ig.


primal is absolutely broken. if you have the chance to use it, there’s almost no situation where u don’t want it. if you really need grass coverage, use shaymin-s or serperior over goodra or smth

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Goodra ridiculously thicc tho?