Plan of attack

Hiya, Dunscy here. I wanted to officially announce a project we’ve been working on for a while called Plan of Attack. We’ve made a new modded Showdown server with the intention of exploring many fangames and community-made content, starting with the inclusion of Pokémon Insurgence.

We are aware that there’s an official simulator already, however this one is a personal project, with tons of creative freedom for the community and with the intention to expand into other fangames for a universal fangame experience. That’s not the only difference to the official simulator, there’s also some features we’ve decided to include, such as Custom Move, Insurgence Free-For-All (along plenty of other Insurgence formats), and beautiful visuals!

If you’re interested in exploring other fangames, creating content, following the project, and playing with other like-minded players, make sure to join our Discord!

Dunscy, what kind of stuff does your Discord Server have?

Our discord server offers tons of cool things!

  • You can create your content, discuss it, and have it added to the client!

  • Explore different fangames as we add them!

  • Participate in events, such as tournaments, community events, and a draft league!

  • Our Discord has a bridge where the client and Discord are connected, so you can speak to and from Showdown, without having to be on it!

  • Other cool and fun stuff!

The post is running long, so let me mention one last thing. In order to inaugurate the server, we’re launching a big tournament:

Plan of Attack: Insurgence Inaugural

This kind of tournament will occur whenever we add content of a new fangame, with the goal to honour the fangame we’re adding, in this case Insurgence and its amazing development team!

Of course there’s a few prizes for this, which might be of interest to some of you:

  1. The “Reigning Champ” role!

This will give you access to the Committee! This means you’ll be helping out with balancing, tiering, and general decision making! Also tons of bragging rights.

  1. You’ll decide the format of our next tournament!

We plan on running tournaments every so often, so you’ll be choosing what happens in the next one!

  1. You’ll be deciding what fangame we add next!

Pokémon Uranium is next in line, but you’ll be choosing what game we add after that! A few restrictions will apply, such as no Clover, and no Infinite Fusion (for now). Aside from that, as long as it’s feasible, it’s valid (just like you)!

The rules and other info can be found on the Discord!

The tournament will be on April 7th, 2023, with the possibility to extend the duration depending on participation.

We hope to see you all there! Feel free to ask me any question you may have, or join the Discord if you’re interested in any of this!