Pitch for the pokemon insurgence sequel

Pitch for the pokemon insurgence sequel

  1. The game, at first was going to be like a regular Pokemon game but i got some feedback telling me to combine the two games into just one having you make choices that would affect the type of path you would take making it a full on rpg, you would encounter different Pokemon and characters based on the path you would take.
  2. This game would center more around the delta species and even being set in the holon region.
  3. You play as a young trainer that just learned that there was sent to the holon region research tower because of an incident that happened there were your father was seemingly killed by two strange Pokemon fighting for the power that the tower was making, you learn about the history of delta pokemon and why the two Pokemon want that power.
  4. You were a student in a university that studies delta pokemon and before you go to holon you are visited by Prof. Sylvan and some new characters the eucalyptus brothers, arnold and brandon who are pokemon researchers and friends of Sylvan, they own two variants of delta pikachu, arnold has the flying type and brendon has a new variant, a steel type pikachu, Sylvan would give you a delta eevee as a starter but in addition she let have the option of selecting delta vers. of the galarian starters to have in your team.
  5. Delta grookey is a dark type with a death metal themed design, Delta scorbunny is a Steel/Ghost type cyborg rabbit, and Delta sobble is a bug type based on the japanese superhero kamen rider ichigo.
  6. Delta eevee is a steel type and is known as the ai pokemon, it is said to be the earliest delta species to ever existed.
  7. There’s also going to be a rotom powered pokedex like in the recent games, it would be called the rotom android and it would take a more humanoid form.
  8. There is going to be a new cult called the cult of zekrom that would play a big part in the story, armored zekrom would also play a big part of the story in trying to defeat the true villains and the two mysterious Pokemon that killed your father.
  9. The true villains are going to be two rival companies that are run by two brothers fighting for control over everything, they would use one of the Pokemon that killed your father in there battle.
  10. The two Pokemon that fought on the control tower were powerful delta pokemon, Delta Reyquaza an electric/steel type and Delta Mewtwo a fire/steel type, they are known as scientific anomalies amongst the scientists of holon, some believed them to be new Pokemon but they look a lot like Reyquaza and Mewtwo and they can learn electric or fire type moves that are limited to some Pokemon, in the game you find out that they were fighting for dominance over holon and to overthrow the humans or to enslave them.

This is really cool and well thought out too! I really like the modern twist with the corporations controlling the Pokemon and the fact that the cult isn’t the . Just curious, this would be in the future after the Holon region is more developed? And would there be a way to access the Torren region and/or an Elite 4?


Yes. And it’s set in the future.


Wait, are you actually going to try and ask the devs to do this??

I’m talking about in the discord

Ok. What is your discord name??


Ok, thanks

share your discord details please. .

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