Physical competitive Charmanders giveaway

Trading Name: Rowena

Offer: 5 IV Competitive charmanders

Request: Anything

Further info: These Charmanders are the offsprings of my physical Charizard, i’ve cleared pretty much everything in the game so i just have fun breeding competitive mons, they are meant to hold Charizardite X.

Moveset: Thunder Punch (Tutored) / Dragon Dance / Dragon Claw / Flare Blitz.

Sadly only one female came out of this batch of eggs. Grab one of these monsters and have fun like i did one shoting most of the E4.


Aw rip I already have this mon. Well u did say you have fun breeding comp mons. Do u have any other mons? I am willing to offer something of equal value

U can request any pokemon u like, just tell me the moveset, nature and ivs, specific hidden powers taken longer to breed right for obvious reasons, just name it and i’ll do it.

Alright. I think ill request a larvesta(normal not delta) and a absol with egg moves sucker punch and play rough. In return Screenshot_41Screenshot_40Screenshot_39

Ill offer two of these mons(one if its a hidden power poke)

If u need more information on a mon just ask

Jolly physical sweeper absol and quiver dance larvesta/volcarona?

Yes mate

Will do, i’ll get to it.

Ill need your offer. Also do u have a discord? Ill respond more quickly there

I don’t use discord, do u want the absol to have super luck or justified?

Justified pls

I’m so sorry for the huge delay but something came up, i just finished the Absol, gonna start working on larvesta.


Eh its quite alright. Im a really patient dude anyway

Got your volcarona too, do u want screenshot of IVs and all that? It has flame body, modest nature with quiver dance, giga drain, fiery dance and bug buzz, i even took the time to ev train it, didn’t train the absol tho.


Anything else?

Two questions. Do u want anything in return? Also would u mind breeding two more mons for me? Baton pass adamant torchic and a calm piplup

I’ll take the Zorua and Tauros if you don’t mind. I’m ready to trade. And yeah i can breed those.

Ok then. Ill just breed em up. Also Jolly or Naive Tauros?

Jolly, feel free to give them any moves u want.