Personal Issues with Delta Pokemon

So I have pretty much finished Insurgence and collected pretty much all Delta Pokemon and I noticed something that has been bothering me. Before I continue, this is not meant as an actual suggestion for the game itself, not only is it way to late to change the things I will criticize but I also read that the game won’t change that much any more and it’s mainly in a “polishing state” This is more like a suggestion for future Delta Pokemon content in possibly other games or who knows, maybe an expansion for Insurgence, idk. Anyways, what’s been bothering me was the lack of synergies between the stat layout, typings, movepools and abilities of like 70% of the Delta Pokemon that I have gone through, what bothered me even more was the order of when you get the mons though. For example you have Crustle, Cake form, perfectly executed, awesome typing, all abilities make sense, it keeps shell smash. Is it better than the normal Crustle ? Not necessarily but both of them make perfect sense. Crustle can Buff up whenever it wants because it has Sturdy the Cake one may be a bit more situational but because of its typings it doesn’t need Study and it’s got other amazing abilities. Both can be obtained around the same lvl in the game. But then you have Berry Crustle. Where do I even start, it has harvest which takes away its ability and item spot. While some harvests sets are really powerful, it just doesn’t fit to the stat lay out when you have so little speed and spdef. Not only that but you are weak to 3 very common special attack typings (Fire, Psychic, Ice) The other ability leaf guard is never used to begin with. So you are left with Chlorophyll on a pokemon with 45 base speed. Don’t get me wrong, you can outspeed a Serperior with that under sunlight but what are you left with ? 95 Base Attack with barely coverage for the pokemon that will one shot you. So you have this Pokemon with no synergies between its ability, typing and movepool and you get it after beating the E4. It just doesn’t make sense. I don’t even want it to be op, I would just like it to make a bit more sense. That was just one example. Another one would be Delta Scolipede. I am a huge fan of Scolipede in its original form, Speed boost and Swords Dance is simply genius and even after that you have baton pass which is only banned in Showdown. But then you have Delta Scolipede being Rock Fire type, I don’t think it’s necessary to say that these are awful typings but hey, it’s on a fast mon with decent damage output regardless of the attacks either having recoil, unsecure accuracy or a recharge. But then you have the abilities: Weak Armor, Magma Armor and Mold Breaker. I’m not even going to talk about the first two eventhough I do see some decent plays with weak armor and its above average Defense but go straight to Mold Breaker. Mold Breaker disables defensively working abilities of your oponent like levitate for Earth Quake. This doesn’t aid it at all. Not only does it not need Earth Quake for covering any type but there also no other defensive abilities it had issues with to being with. There may be flash fire but it already had that covered with it’s STAB Rock moves. It’s a decent ability other all but it doesn’t help the pokemon and its weaknesses at all. So you are left with a glass cannon with below average coverage despite having decent defense. Yet at the same time it’s not enough defense to be the usual tanky stealth rock mon. So you are left with these remanents of a stat layout designed to fill two specific roles which cannot be played anymore because of different abilities/movepool. And again, it doesn’t need to be op, it should simply make sense eventhough I genuinely feel like these pokemon should be at least above average considering where you obtain them.


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