Persephone I Greninja counter?

My current team handles everything but her greninja, and can’t beat it. I’m posting my current rotational team, which is 10, however I haven’t used D. Gardevoir since East
Mega Flygon pic Blissey pic Excadrill pic D. Haxorus pic Gardevoir pic Hippowdon pic ![Lucario pic|510x383]
(upload://jKwrXc1LmNC7YLeRnSjzrleqTcN.png) D. Charizard pic Haxorus Pic D. Gardevoir
if you guys need EV’s just ask and ill edit the post and add the ev and iv spreads. I need to get a good fire type to deal with ice type moves, D. Haxorus doesn’t deal enough damage and lacks speed or defenses to beat it. Also, I know Haxorus sucks, I haven’t used him for a while and his moves are mainly tm moves with EQ and a few others.

Edit 1: I used a choice band lucario close combat since it took one hit and got it low, and then killed the greninja with sandstorm chip damage. thx to the guy who reccommended scarf, but it wasn’t enough to outspeed it

a delta snorlax could very easily wall all of it’s attacks

assuming it’s thick fat and you’re on normal difficulty

Try electro or Ali

electro is too frail and gets one tapped, only idea could be a choice scarf tho, i’ll try it. Ali could also be an idea with scarf.

nah hard mode, i find it more fun

please do

If you have Max Def Blissey with Toxic you can stall it out, or chip it with T-bolt.

yeah raw seismic toss 3hkos, and unboosted tbolt has a high chance to 2hko (about 85%)

actually nvm s toss is an egg/tutor move

toxic comes later in the game

Why is lucario named Ali?

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maybe muhammad ali? idk

lucario is overrated like ali-a

Muhammed Ali, the GOAT of boxing only contested by Tyson. Lucario looks like a boxer so i named him that