Perfection Lab Tile Puzzle?

I don’t exactly know if there’s an easy, surefire way of solving this, but is there a trick to the Perfection Lab’s tile puzzle I am not getting (much how like there was a trick to the Meloetta tiles)?

For quick reference, this is the puzzle I am asking for and how far I’ve gotten:

(Putting personal thoughts forward, I really dislike having to solve puzzles like these admittedly though, I did enjoy the Meloetta ones, even if its in the postgame. I really wish it was simpler but alas, not much I can really do. I’ve been stumped on this for longer than I should be.)

It really is just luck. Took me over 1.5 hours to solve.

Oh, I see… well. That’s annoying, to say the least.
Though like I said, not much I can really do about it and just continue trying.

I do really hope this puzzle (and variations) are made easier, somewhat. I don’t exactly have the time and admittedly, patience to sit and grudgingly try to solve it.

I keep getting within one tile of completion

Suzerain, why?

I’m about to give you some HUGE help with this, so be ready!

There’s a puzzle that functions exactly like this one in the game Pokemon Reborn, except the picture is of a Conkeldurr. Someone by the name of FairFamily posted a full-blown strategy guide for this kind of puzzle. Here’s the link: Timburr Puzzle Strategy guide (4X4 Rotation) - Reborn City - Reborn Evolved

Enjoy, and let me know if you manage to solve this puzzle!