Perfection Lab Stone Puzzle Help

So this question was asked 3 days ago but it never was answered, people say there is supposed to be a stone on a switch in the pink section but there are only 3 stones in the section, 2 needed for the actual puzzle and 1 that is behind crates that is impossible to get out. So at this point I’ve been stuck on this puzzle for days. Is there just some stone that I can’t see or is my game just missing a stone?

There aren’t any invisible ones and I doubt your game is missing one. Here’s a tip. One door has a panel behind it. Put a rock on that panel and take a stone from the front. You can then use both.

But if I take two stones then the door won’t stay open.

No, there will be one stone on the front and one at the back after you take the first stone in the front… After you’re in the back, take the one in the back.

This is all I have

Wrong one. It’s either the green one or the yellow one iirc.

So am I supposed to have a stone on the pink switch in the pic

I think so but I’m not talking about that.

Well there is no stone on that switch for me

you can also use the heart swap statue on any one of the switches to hold it down

That is exactly what I needed, thank you so soooooo much.

No problem