Perfection Base Stone Puzzle

How the heck do you solve the fourth puzzle? There is no stone for the green switch and if you use the manaphy statue then the yellow pathway is blocked again. There is also no way to get the two stones in the top right so how do I solve this?

Nevermind, just figured it out lol

I’m stuck on that part too, where is the other stone?

Its the stone all the way on the bottom from the second puzzle, apparently it doesn’t count as a switch for the door and so you can push it through there and put it on one of the yellow switches.

But I can’t get the stone out

Not the one in front of the crates, the stone on the switch next to it.

I don’t see a stone on the switch next to the stone by the crates. Can you send a screenshot?

I don’t have a stone on my switch either


Edit: nvm, worked it out.

i am stuck here too btw how do i move this stone?

i cant seem to move these stones at all-

Hint: You don’t.

i am stuck pls somebody help me–

the manaphy statue is to come onto the green portal. use heart swap for that. you will get blocked by the yellow stopper if im not wrong. use one of the stones in that room to place it on the red portal. the go to the previous room and push one of the stones to this room and then you will have 3 stones for 3 yellow portals. carry on ahead. hope you could understand.

ok thanks managed to solve the stone puzzle but now how do i solve this puzzle?

Literally just luck. No skill. No tactics. Just luck.

keep trying…

i got my break through in like half an hour. dont get frustrated and keep trying…