Pay for Pokepon

I’ve mentioned this in some other threads, but now that I’ve realized this forum exists, I’ll post this for the final time here. My idea is, make it so we can spend Poke on the Pokepon, instead of forcing us to run around like headless Torchic for 20 minutes. I Recommend the price to be in the 1K-5K range, to keep it somewhat cheap, but not basically free like it would be for 100P. Additionally, maybe make it so that the more money you pay, the better the odds of getting the rarer rewards, such as the mega stones and becoming shiny, become. For example, paying 100K could boost the shiny chance to 10% (Or maybe just 1-2% if you still want it to be super rare)

In a similar vain (vein?), one of the NPCs mention the pokepon using tickets, so maybe this above idea could be transferred into “Tiered Tickets”, with each tier being more expensive, but with better odds of getting the rarer rewards.
(Though I like the idea of just paying the Clerk directly, so maybe just have the tiers be done through her, such as options to spend “1K” “10K” and “100K”, with each one giving better odds of rarer rewards.) (Maybe a 100P tier that only gives semi worthless items, like berries?)

And just to add, gatcha normally cost money, from my understanding, plus, how would they afford to keep the thing running? Answer: They charge you to use it, and encourage you to spend more to get better rewards!