Path to Narra Town?

I know I probably look Unbelieveably stupid right now but I still haven’t found the way to Narra Town through Rose Crater, can I get a hint to which part of the Crater I am suppose to be looking in. Or what Pokemon I might need to proceed through the crater? Thanks.

A cave entrance should lead you to another route.But I cant remember properly.:confounded::confounded:

In Deyraan town, use Heart Swap on the manaphy statue near the waterfall to enter Deyraan cave. This should lead you to Narra Town.

Do I need to be on land to use the ability?

Just stand right to the statue(on the land in right)use heart swap,and poof,you’ll be up the waterfall.Then enter the cave and navigate through.

Thanks for the help. Thought I could use it on water, apparently my brain doesn’t comprehend logic.

Okay now how do I go back from Deyraan Cave to Deyraan town to heal? Using Heart Swap again just warps me to the spot on top of the waterfall, I can’t go down :confused:

You can go down waterfalls without the HM replacement. You just swim down, but you may need a bit of a running start.

Pikataxi in Narra Town