Patch for 1.2 on Windows

Can anyone link me to the download for the Windows 1.2 patch? I’m still experimenting with trying to update my game.

Since my launcher has a major bug and my computer can’t run exe files from rar openers, (It’s a mandatory feature for the sake of security. I don’t have the coding knowledge to fix or modify the system myself.) it’s been difficult. Then I realized that I had a backup 1.1.8 core that ran fine, so I’m going to try patching it.

I do have a fairly simple app for patching already installed. Just in case that doesn’t work either, I’d also appreciate a link to a tutorial/explanation for folder merging.

Thank you for your time.

Why dont you use torrents to download the patch since it is faster

I’ve considered using a torrent, however I know it means I’ll also have to download a torrent program. I want to be careful downloading anything that might transmit a virus. I’m trying to go about this as carefully as possible, and using a torrent will be a last resort.

The issue is, that I don’t even have the 1.2 patch and there is no longer an official download link for it on the forums. I was wondering if anyone still had access to it, and could link me to it.

1.2.0 is not a patch, it is the final content update, which means patching on it on top of 1.1.8 will be… well tricky. If you’re talking about the 1.2.3 patch, go on the discord, we are not to distribute it outside of it.

Sorry, but could you please clarify this? I’ve seen other people say it before, I want to know what it means so I could help others.

Actually, I tried re-downloading the core and I finally got it to run. Thanks for letting me know where the latest patch is!

About the rar openers, any time I tried to run exe from any of them (7Zip and WinZip included) every time it would deny that request, saying that it blocked exe files from opening through these programs for security reasons. Yet it still let me run exes from zipped folders. Either way, I finally have my game working, and I should be alright patching it from now on.

Ohh, got ya.

Anyways, good job on getting it to work, gl!