Patch 1.2.4?

The patch 1.2.4 is currently only a test patch (From what I understand) in the discord server, the pacth wich allows you to catch kyurem (Because he’s currently bugged) is there any date where the patch will be ‘‘complete’’ (where the patch resolves some other bugs and/or will be acessible to others) ?

Another thing that is worth asking is: In this patch will Shadow Mewtwo actually be able to be obtained? (since I heard that you can only get him via a CC reward and CC reawards are bugged, or have it been fixed?)

1.2.4 is it’s own thing. The devs are currently working on 1.2.5/1.3 from what I know and they intend to basically mass fix the bugs, which is why it’s taking so long. They intend on killing them all at once rather than rolling out many builds which only kill a few bugs.



hello I have a little doubt and is that: is there the possibility that they get a version of the complete game in Spanish? since there are people who, despite knowing English, handle it very basically among those me and it would be great if everyone could play it in their language

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