Passing Multiple Egg Moves

I was wondering if I could pass down multiple eggs moves in Pokemon Insurgence, because I am breeding a Lopunny and I was wondering if it could have Ice Punch and Fake Out. If you could help me, it would be greatly appreciated! :grin:

Yes, multiple egg moves can be bred, it works like the core games. No pokemon has both ice punch and fake-out though, so you would have to breed fake out with say, a Makuhita, and then breed the baby with fake-out with a Medicham to get ice punch and fake out on It’s baby. Makuhita and Medicham are just examples, other pokemon work, for a list of what pokemon will work use

Oh, thanks Unique!:grinning:

Or you could get a smeargle with those moves and breed it.

Thank you Cow358 :smiley:

You are welcome.

The easiest way that I found is to get a tyrogue that knows fake out, evolve it into hitmonchan and teach it ice punch, then breed it with a female buneary line.

That too. If you do what @megastone suggested you can also get Fire Punch and Thunder Punch