Other Fan made games?

I finished Insurgence and everything that it has to do in its after game, (breeding and such) and i kind of wanted to start a new one. I tried playing Z/O, but i just bring myself to do it after playing Insurgence. I just want to know what other fan made games are as or better than insurgence (I doubt there are any). I need them to be free and compatible with mac’s.

Thanks in advance for anyone who will help me with my problem :slight_smile:

I just started pokemon gray topaz and so far its really fun, doesnt have as much of an online aspect but the graphics are pretty good and the storyline is nicely done. I reccomend you check it out.

is it a fakemon game?

no theres one called topaz thats fakemon but this one is gray topaz, i would give you a link but idk if thats allowed on the forum

ok, its ok you don’t have to give me a link, but i will search it up

Thanks for advice :slight_smile:

its the one with the garantina

Check out Pokemon Reborn, heres the link to their page http://www.pokemonreborn.com/game/. Its not done yet but as of now I believe it has 80+ hours of game lay and 12 gyms!