Other Armor Effects

I currently love the idea of armor but currently its popularity seems to be low. So I was thinking of ways to spruce armor up and what I came up with is mostly ideas of what kind of armors (or extra abilities) could be interesting and I came up with two

  1. Ability Change: Basically I stole this idea from Zeta with Mewtwo’s armor. It changes a pokemon’s ability to another one. Whether it be to cover more weaknesses or to give it a strength it didn’t have before.

  2. Weakness reduction: Either across the board or specific. For example Dragonite going from 4x weak to ice to 2x is a large boon without eliminating its weaknesses. Some pokemon could be saved from the scrap pile with this ALONE.

These can be in conjunction with the armor effect depending on the pokemon. I wanted to avoid other types of boons such as critical or attack increases as they aren’t exactly “armor”.

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I think the biggest problem is the lack of options in armor usage. Still, I’m all up for Ability/typing changes and the weakness reduction might be interesting as long as its properly balanced.

I just want there to be more types of armor. Maybe after you’ve reached a certain point in the game you can go back and the lady (forgot her name) could say something along the lines of “Hey (insert player name) since that incident with the perfection cult I was inspired by your battle against Taen and decided to make more sets of armor.” (Then you could go on and purchase them from her. I personally want Gardevoir and Lucario Armor as well as Garchomp and Dragonite armor.

T-Tar with armor is seen from time to time