Origins on Delta Pokemon

Hello people. Was doing some interesting thinking following a discussion with some people in the discord on the origins of delta pokemon. Now I’m kinda in a mood to list off all the delta pokemon families and discuss how they could have come to be! Starting off, we know that the delta pokemon were created by Reukra, but it is also mentioned that some are naturally-occurring. Some will appear missing, but will be grouped together at the end, likely under man-made. Let’s get started.

Also, these are mostly all my opinion, and I would love to discuss these further!

  • Delta Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle lines: Man-made. Confirmed by Reukra himself.

  • Delta Pawniard/Bisharp: Naturally-leaning, Bisharp’s pokedex entry states that it commands large groups of Pawniard, although never specifying normal or delta. If it is delta however, it is likely natural as it is unlikely that Reukra created large amounts of any single delta. However, they do posses a mega stone, which could be evidence that they were created.

  • Delta Ralts line: Man-made. While this admittedly has little evidence to prove it, I would want to suggest that these are man-made, due to the presence of a mega stone, and the encounter location. These are found in close proximity to the Perfection Lab, where some deltas were created.

  • Delta Sunkern/Sunflora: Man-made. Very similar reasons to Ralts, has a mega stone and is found closely to the Perfection Lab

  • Delta Scyther/Scizor: Man-made. Has a mega stone and is owned by a trainer that trades you it. Also owned by Yuki on her hard-mode team, which proves multiple exist.

  • Delta Liepard: Man-made. Seems to be and confirmed by several npc’s to be several pokemon combined together. Also how the hell could something like this be natural.

  • Delta Noivern: Natural. Here is an interesting one. This is likely one of the few cases of a truly natural delta. The delta Noivern shrine with the egg at the Ancient Tower is likely proof that this pokemon naturally exists, despite there only being 3 in existence that we are aware of.

  • Delta Drifloon/Drifblim: Natural. Drifblim’s pokedex entry states that it flies off in large groups at night, possibly confirming that multiple exist.

  • Delta Snorlax: Natural. Now hear me out on this one. Anyone who has played pokemon Zeta/Omicron will know that the infamous “Deltalax” made its debut in the Vesryn region, not Torren. In my view, this proves that its a naturally occurring pokemon that exists in both Vesryn and Torren.

Not enough evidence:

  • Delta Scraggy/Scrafty

  • Delta Combee/Vespiquen

  • Delta Koffing/Weezing

  • Delta Snorunt line: Has mega stones, that’s it.

  • Delta Shinx line: Owned by Damian, proving multiple exist. Nothing else gives clues.

  • Delta Bergmite/Avalugg: Pokedex entries don’t provide many leads, location at the dragon ruins could be evidence for natural?

  • Delta Trevanant: We know multiple exist, as Yuki owns one. However, it being a Holon delta isn’t enough evidence alone to be considered natural, but it seems more likely.

  • Delta Budew line: Multiple are confirmed to exist, as one is used by Adam. As far as how he obtained it, it could have been stolen from the Perfection cult or caught normally, but there is no evidence to support or deny that.

  • Delta Grimer/Muk

  • Delta Wooper/Quagsire

  • Delta Misdreavus/Mismagius

And those are the first 50 deltas in the pokedex! If you want to see more, reply to this and let me know. Also totally open to discuss any of these further!


Hey I was in this conversation! I’d love to go in depth with you more over the lore!

Personally I’d say that most of the ones you have said are man-made simply do not have enough evidence.

  • For all we know Delta ralts and Sunkern/sunflora could just be chilling there just because they could be in the wild

  • For delta scyther/scizor just because it’s traded doesn’t mean it’s man-made. Multiple can indeed exist for the traded deltas, which in my eyes looks more like they are naturally occurring (how else would regular people get there hands on them?).

  • Delta liepard is described to have certain traits, but not necessarily pokemon combined together. It could be natural the same way a haunter in the wild is natural.

  • There are actually 4 d noivern we are aware of in existence, 2 rusted in the tower, 1 egg by you, and 1 that the scientist gets.

  • Delta snorlax is confirmed to be man-made, not natural as there’s literally a whole book being like “I created this and reukra’s gonna kill me, oh yeah here’s a book that goes along with the pokemon” and that book is the book of leaves.

  • Delta trevanant is not a holon delta, you get it from a hidden grotto in mount rose

  • Mega stones could theoretically be natural, if the mutation that turns a pokemon into a delta pokemon happens to the mega stone.

  • Some of the things you are arguing for of multiple existing are hard mode-exclusive, which in my eyes is not canon. How did Audrey get Delta Seperior if it’s holon-exclusive and Holon hasn’t been discovered/no one’s been there yet? Same with Orion’s delta aron, Diana’s delta milotic, and Calreath’s delta Dragonite.

  • Deltas with mega stones are very peculiar, as most are found in weird places (delta buneary is found in holon desert but the mega stone is hidden deep in holon jungle for one). If we are considering them as canon, delta ralts line has to have existed for at least some time before, as you use tesseract to get the mega stones. Same with delta pawnaird line.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head currently. I’d have to look deeper more and try to look at the evidence for man-made or not. Side note, the canon deltas in the tcg are all man-made because of a radio signal thing that was sent in holon. So that’s a thing to consider.

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I know I am necroing here but I just wanted to mention that Delta Phantump is not found in Holon? It’s found in a hidden grotto in Mount Rose, which arguably makes it less likely it’s natural, and I am willing to bet that Deltatump is man-made, since there is little evidence of sakura trees being in Torren besides the guy in the Battle Frontier that gives you a sakura flower for your book of leaves, and we know Phantump are dead children possessing trees