Opinions about Poison Type Mons!

Hello there!
What is the best poison type mon in insurgence guys? Particularly the Delta Mons. I can think of D. Luxray, D. Girafarig, D. Camerupt and D. Heatmor. D. Luxray doesn’t have good steel type moves but it has superb stats. D Camerupt and is slow but has nice movepool. D. Heatmor’s stats are pathetic. Don’t know much about D. Girafarig! In my opinion Drapion is still better than these delta’s.
What’s your opinion guys?
What is the best Poison type or dual poison type mon in insurgence?

I consider D. Volcarona a legendary. And if you add armour on top of that, it becomes invincible!
Please don’t consider D. Volcarona. I never play with Legendaries. They give game abusing vibes. Let’s just pass D. Volcarona!

Don’t forget about D. Sunflora, D. Tentacruel, D. Crustle, D. Cofagrigus, and D. Hydreigon. Don’t know much about D. Cofagrigus or D. Crustle but I know from experience that D. Sunflora has excellent coverage and a pretty powerful mega evolution as long as it is kept away from ground types. D. Tentacruel functions exactly like normal Tentacruel. And D. Hydreigon is a powerhouse able to belt out 120 BP STAB Hyper Voice in addition to other moves like Earth Power, Flamethrower, Surf, Focus Blast, and Giga Drain.

I totally agree on D. Hydreigon. It is indeed a powerhouse. But there are two issues with it you know. First is that you can get your hands on it very late, you can get it by trade obviously, but still catching a mon by yourself gives some kind of satisfaction…:grin:
Second is that the stat boosting move it has is Coil which boosts physical moves😫
Still, it is awesome!
About D. Cruel; whatever it can do a Venusaur can do two times better!
I do not much about D. Sunflora. But I thought it’s more or less a Mimosa Pudica! One touch and it’s over.