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Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: 1 Mega Stone of your choice (Besides the Delta Sunflorite, Etigirafigite and Lucarionite)

Request: Charizardite X

Further info: I kinda traded mine to someone like 4 months ago for an iv stone and well… i shouldn’t have done that lmao

asks for charizardite x

i dont need a mega stone but can you breed me a CC team?

Yeah, durant+Delta Blaziken+Delta Arcanine I a$$um€ ?


Alright, I’ll breed them later

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thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I have it!

im first…

No cost! Free!

so sad.

Even if I trade with Pia, I’d still breed the mons dw

yay :slight_smile:

i mean if ur sure




cash moneys

tell me when you can trade @GiaPeNiw

I haven’t bred the mons yet f, forgot to.