Online not Working

Everytime i open my pokegear and friend safari there is only black screen after the “Connecting to the server”

Hello, i have the same problem but the statut now say the server is working.

I started the game yesterday and had the same problem (before the downserver). I authorized the game in the firewall,disabled my antivirus(Avira),tried running it as an admin,reinstalling the game( the first time was with the launcher,reinstalled without,only the core

Did i miss something? should i try portforwarding? if yes,wich one?

PS: there’s no error message,just a endless black screen and a lots of hopes crushed

The servers were up for a few hours till about 40 minutes ago. They’re down now again :frowning:

oh ok,the statut keeps telling me it’s working.


They’re back online again.

Indeed and now it’s working. Thank you

Why everytime i check the status the trading/friend safari always says major outage?