Online error, script is taking too long, any help?

Hello, thank you in advance for your help!

My online features don´t work, i couldn´t even register yet. When i try to connect via Pokegear i always get: “Connecting to server…(Press C)”, then the game freezes, and then “the script is taking too long, the game will restart”.

I am running on Mac OS X.10.5, insurgence version, mac firewall is turned off and the insurgence servers seem to be online.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers!

try restarting your mac?

I´ve done that

Ok, it is working now. Redownloading the game and transferring the safe file made it.

Lol that’s what I was going to suggest

Glad you got it working now

I got this error, but instead of it being online it was right before the Orion 1st gym battle. The problem is that the game saved during the cut scene right before the battle, so every time I reload the game, it freezes right before the battle and i cant do anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i really don’t want to have to restart my save file.