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One of my team caught pokerus, please advise

I got a weedle in a wonder trade and my hobby is to level them up until they evolve so the receiving person doesn’t get a level 1-5 or something. I never knew pokerus was a thing until today! According to bulbapedia storing a pokemon in a pc temporarily halts the virus so I have until then to sit back and wait for people who are willling to advise a complete noob about this.

After I have spread it around since it’s a good virus, I plan on catching many pokemon and going on discord so that I can share it with you all. Maybe this will be like cowpox to smallpox and not make your pokemon get covid.

PS: monofires, if you are reading this, THANK YOU for the hidden ability totodiles and the bagon I got in a wonder trade! LOL I had 4 female totodiles in my team at one point but not now, that was a weird sight!


So yeah, it spreads to an adjacent mon after you complete a battle. It’s pretty rare, rarer than a shiny, but as it’s duplicable, it’s worth slight less. People here ask for pokerus pretty often, and you can get some good trades for the rus like IV Stones or bredmons.

I will probably keep one with pokerus in the pc just to spread it to new mons then! Thank you!

On another note, I got a shiny level 120 garchomp in a wonder trade, while it’s super cool it isn’t much use to me because I’m nowhere near that level yet. What do I do now that I have it? I feel like summoning a couple of rotoms and using perish song on them while doing protect, just for the experience yield, is that a good idea?

just get a secret base

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With what mon? You could also use a ghost type vs the trainer with the Electrode, then swap to a ground type and let them Struggle to death. But, yeah, buy a Secret Base in Midna Town, and either buy the Level Trainer or visit someone who has the level trainer, by far the fastest grinding method.

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This man is a legend. First he levels up Pokémon for others asking nothing in return then he GIVES OUT POKERUS?!?!
Thx for being a great member of the community! :pray:


I have! I got Stunfish!

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Aw thank you <3
I’m a girl btw, I’ll start trading out pokerus mons as soon as I have enough of them! Because I imagine there will be a lot of people asking lol

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I tried the method I wrote about 9 hours ago but with destiny bond instead of perish song, and it was so effective it instantly brought my level 1 bagon to level 33.

Lol sry, I just call everyone “man” or “dude” as a unisex term xD


You and me both

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