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Omg i hatched a random shiny

i was trying to get a good natured larvitar in my hardmode solo run(the pupitar was masuda becuase i got it from wt) and i hatched a shiny

and it is ok/good nature


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Cool You are Lucky



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Rip careful

Is it for trade?

no… it is one of my only self found shinies

I can trade a shiny jolly salamence


not for trade… it is too good of a shiny in it’s armoured form

How bout my shiny delta liepard
i haven’t given AJ his shiny pypitar which I was supposed to give 6 FUCKING MONTHS ago and I feel really bad lol

ok… just wait for 2 hours or so while i study for exams

K sure

i am going to give you my other ttar

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@Boggaspotatoe what is the nature of the liapard again


sorry… my class went too long… am free now