Okay then

I lowkey forgot about this place. Wtf has happened?




also nowhere

Same old, same old. Just helping teambuild, trading, and the occasion q. All playthroughs are dead, Peter’s finally back, nothing much else.

k. I’m on my phone in the hospital.

broke my foot


You okay, man? I should ask you the same, what happened? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

I’m not the best skater. Lemme just say that.

My gf dared me to try and skate. It was an $100 bet.

And now after saving up, I’m buying those Beats by Dre.

the worst accident ive been involved in is when in pre school i slipped on some water and smashed my head into the staircase. i still have that scar. you’d think i learned my lesson but no i smahed the back of my head on a tree in first grade. guess how, i slipped on some water while stupidly walking backwards

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Oof, I’ve never actually been seriously injured, so I can’t really relate, though I do tons of dumb stuff.

i made it sound gruesome af. i did smash my head twice tho i somehow avoided a fracture or worse brain damage. no idea how. i did get a nasty gash in my head

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Damn. I love all skating but I can’t do steep hills on any skates cause I ain’t risking it.

me who skated once and almost died cuz some idiot sat on the floor

Lmao. Almost drowned coming up for air in a pool cause some kid was right where I was resurfacing


Same, the funny thing is that I can actually sit underwater for 2-3 minutes without resurfacing, and I still nearly drowned at ~1.5 minutes. I wrestle with my brother underwater, which often leads to stuff like that. Also, still hurts when you get thrown into a wall/dragged on the floor underwater. Especially the last one.