Um…okay! Here are a few facts about me!

  1. I wasn’t really interested in Pokemon games until gen 6. I thought is was weird until one of my friends forced me to play it in 2013. From then on, I was hooked.
  2. My English teacher says I have a talent for writing. But I HATE it.
  3. I am a musical artist, not a visual artist. The best thing I can draw is a stick figure. But I am refining my voice during quarantine.
  4. I like my nightmares more than sweet dreams. (that one is a joke. kind of…)
  5. I can be very awkward sometimes, but can’t you tell?

And those are 5 facts about me. So…goodbye I guess?


Cool! I’ve always loved pokemon, never been allowed to play it, read so much about it, now I’m a walking pokedex (and an actual dictionary, at least according to my siblings). Still not allowed to play it cuz I only have a Wii so no pokemon to be caught there… I play a ton of fangames and if I’m online, feel free to request a battle here or on Showdown. IRL, I like to sing too. My family is very musical. I greatly dislike ELA too. Cool to see how much I have in common with other people.

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Wow. I am exactly like you. I do not do battling and stats and stuff but I know every single pokemon by heart and have played every single main series game (even versions like leafgreen and soulsilver). And give me a karaoke machine and I am good for life. Writing part of ELA sucks the daylights out of me but I absolutely ADORE reading!

Exactly? You don’t even know the 1/2 of it. I wouldn’t say exactly, because there is a lot more to me than is told to you strangers on the internet.

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I suffer of insomnia because nightmares since I was a lil’ kid (I sleep on avg 4-5hrs per night), welcome to the club (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Since you’re a new-ish pokéfan, I’d say welcome to ZA WARUDO of pokémon. (with your nick I had to put a jojo reference somewhere, this is the best I could think off the top of my head, sorry)

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@AttilaDorn I’m definitely not new, just didn’t know about the mainseries games until 2013. I was a bomb pokemon card player, however. Newbie? Witch, Please.

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Yeah. You are right. But I know every design of pokemon by heart and even the designs of all the routes in all the games!

team darkrai

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I play a ton of competitive on Showdown cuz playing Insurgence got a little boring and Empyrean too. I’m softlocked in my other game so… Insurgence is boring for me without trading, as I am banned. I have nothing else to do except comp and resetting for a run where I don’t get 3 shot by Honedge’s Shadow Sneak.

Glad to learn a bit more about you! I can’t sing for the life of me, so I’m honestly a bit jealous. Also, don’t kill me, but you really are good at writing. Your Dex entries for the Delta Galar starters were awesome!

If all that didn’t clue you in that I can relate to #5, then… I can relate to #5. :sweat_smile:

I’d also just like to say that personally, my favorite character is probably Silver. Most of the other characters are either too hot-headed or too arrogant for me. Yellow is a close second though.

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you down to do some showdown?

When and what format? If I haven’t played that format before, I will make a team, instead of using a sample. I would like to try SS LC and ND, I have played SS OU, SS Mono, and SS Ubers(a little)

i mainly play gen 7 mono but i could make a sw/sh team

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That’s fine I can adapt one of my grass, fighting or rock teams to gen 7. Some of them might even work better there. i might be able to tomorrow or (small to no chance) tonight.
Edit: I have a little time rn. I am in PST, u?