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Trading Name: watermelon5

Offer: a phione holding D.Blastoise mega stone

Request: snorlax

Further info:i dint caught the one in the only place i could,i have a extra D.Blastoise mega stone that i bought on the battle frontier,and my manaphy and ditto ended up whit two phiones eggs,so why not just kill 3 birds whit one (mega)stone?,i can leave the stone in your secret base if you want,thanks

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did you try buying the munchlax egg?


i just dint do that because idk what i would do whit 2 D.Blastoise mega stones,if nobody want to trade i would just buy it,do you want it?


Ill give one for free? regular snorlax or D.snorlax? need a preferred nature?

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normal snorlax,and nah i just want to fill the dex,what is your online name?

yea forget i gonna buy the munchlax egg

@aaaa im online now you still need?

yes,i dint have money

Any nature?

any will work,is just for my dex

ok ready?

yes,what is your online name?

It is derpysaga




Uh what?


You gave me phione?

dont you want it back