Ok so basically

My team consists of:

dew it the Delta Roserade,
delet this the Magnezone
Garde the D. Gardevoir
Gallo the Gallade
Helios the Volcarona

is this a good team for the e4

what are their movesets and items?

No overlapping typings seems very good. As long as the moves are good, you should make it.

That might be okay, but I would advise on not getting two electric types, and maybe getting some resist/immunity (basically a grass/flying type, I prefer former, but up to you). I don’t know what mega you plan to use or movesets, sooo…I’ll leave it at that.

Giratina is running the leftovers, with Shadow Force, EQ, Draco Meteor and Outrage.
Volcarona with Leftovers, Bug Buzz, Solar Beam, Firey Dance, Flamethrower
Gallo with Galladite, Psycho Cut, EQ, Drain Punch, (Custom move, Steel)
Garde with D. Gardevoirite, Thunderbolt, Earth Power, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon
delet this with the Magnet, Discharge, Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Magnet Rise
dew it with the Shell Bell, Lunar Cannon, Sludge Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Ominous Wind

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