Oh cool a master ball thats nice but i want money


man i just wanted money for vitamins. now i gotta stress about what i should catch this with AND vitamin money

My advice is to keep it for legendaries who can explode or use perish song like Meloetta, Genesect or Arceus.

Genesect has been nerfed in 1.2.5, you don’t catch it at level 120, i think it’s at 75, idk i forgot.
If you want meloetta just buy dusk balls. snore balls and ancient balls.
Just use the master ball that u get in holon to catch arceus, regigigas is way easier, don’t waste it.

Oh, nice to know its nerfed. I remember trying to catch it, it murdering my team while escaping the ancient balls and just suddenly blowing up. I just gave up on it. I’ll try to catch it now.

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