Offline Ev routes!?!?

hi can somebody tell me whats in this post. like copy and paste the text or an image at i cannot access reddit. and im offfline alot so i can ev train my poke

i posted another topic BC usally if a solution is marked it doesnt come up. and emerald’s solution did not help AT ALL

some raoutes trains spesfic evs

and what are those routes THATS what im asking
pls tell me


look at link - its suppose to tell you can you like take a picture or copy and paste the text? @IndianAnimator

HP: The secret base level trainer has three audinos that I find to be the most efficient, but if you are low on cash, you can take out Nidoran females and Caterpies in the Shade Forest.

Attack: Rezzai Desert, Krokorok for 2 atk and vibrava for one atk and one spd

Defense: Telnor Cave, Cubone Geodude Nosepass Onix and Roggenrola all give one Def point

Special Attack: Suntouched Exitway, Surf, Clauncher and Piplup both give one SpAtk point

Special Defence: This was a tough one, the best spot I found was surfing in metchi town. You mostly find tentacools coming in at one point each

Speed: To get a sure find every time, fish with the old rod in Midna town to find Finneons at one point each you can also fight Youngster Joey in the Memory Chamber for one point each time. This is also an ok way to make money. Route 1 can also be used as a source of speed EVs with bunnelby, ponyta, and blitzle all giving one point

OMG ThANKS FINALLY someone understood

Sp Def. is my friend safari ev