Official rules challenge

This is an idea I wish was in the official games, Trainer battles outside of evil team/cult should use rules, and the rules could vary. perhaps 1 gym uses doubles/VGC rules so all trainers around that town also use the same rules. trainer pokemon levels are set. as you get further on, you start getting more into competitive type set-ups. it would basically be taking what battle tower/frontier tends to be, but making it the full game.


Welcome to the community! Sadly, this game is on feature lock and will not change anything other than game breaking bugs.


That, and moving the Deltas out of Holon and fixing the Battle Frontier. I think they’re overhauling Battle Factory and Battle Pyramid.

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Yeah they’re making a few small changes because they were unfair and broken, like the ability to not get about half the deltas u til you’ve already beaten the game and the fact that parts of the frontier are just broken.

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But mostly that’s balancing what got added later. Not adding anything new.

Honestly I just want to get the delta Golett without doing the tube challenge