Nuzlocke Tips?

Hi all, So I’ve been trying to Nuzlocke this game for a bit now. The last time I played it was a few years ago when the Elite 4 and post game were just released. I heard there were some changes and I wanted to check them out. Since I’ve been doing Nuzlockes of the main series games on my own for awhile now, I thought I would give this game a try. And oh boy, it has not gone well. The furthest I’ve ever gotten was to Orion, but I would always lose.

I was wondering if there’s any tips I could get? Any encounters or trainers to look out for? Or just any tips in general? I am playing on Hard mode btw.

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Get Rotom, idk how you handle statics/hgs, but try to get midna garden hidden grotto, as Durant or Heatmor is pretty good. I would recommend choosing D Bulb, but that is up to you. Get the guaranteed Magikarp from Ancient Ruins (old rod outside). D Grimer is useful (mission 2) in checking the grass type mons. There is a moon stone in Suntouched which helps with evolving nidorino/nidorina. There is an option of an evolution stone (Water/Fire/Thunder Stone) in Midna Town so that could help. Getting guaranteed finneon (old rod, midna town) might not be a bad idea considering that finneon gets rain dance early by level up and can be worth sac’ing considering it wouldn’t be that useful later.

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For nuzlockes, D. Charmander makes the early game a breeze. Try to do the first 2 radio missions pre Orion if you want an easier time as well as Axew sweeping Xavier on Hard. Durant and Heatmor are good, getting a rock type from Midna Mines is also really helpful.

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I’ve found that by picking D.Charmander you usually just lose to the very first Abyssal Grunt in Telnor. His Skrelp has Feint attack and water coverage so if you dont take D.Bulbasaur there are pretty much no answers to it. (nothing from shade forest checks it and most cave encounters are rock type).

You should be able to outdamage it with Twister and outspeed with Shadow Sneak by that point. Also catching a Pikachu, Nidoran, or Gastly can help beat it or chip it into range.