Nuzlocke: Did I break it?

I was doing Nuzlocke mode, and I had 4 Pokémon when I fought the cultist at Town Hall. They all fainted, and taking them to the Pokémon Center does not revive them. I can still go into a battle, but it will crash at the part where I send out my first Pokémon. Is there nothing more I can do?

i’m pretty sure it was supposed to tell you failed the nuzlocke, but it didn’t? anyway, i’m pretty sure someone here can help you :slight_smile:

Anyone? I want to use my Diglett again…

Once a Pokemon die in a nuzlocke it can’t be revived or healed in the Pokemon Center. SO if all your current Pokemon you used are dead then you’re nuzlocke is basically over.
You can either start the nuzlocke from scratch or use a back-up save file if there was any to proceed from a previous checkpoint you had saved (but that would totally ruin the “actual” nuzlocke feel).

didn’t it tell you tho, oh wait nvm that was omicron/zeta