Not to flex or anything



u aRE surELy nOt flEXIng rigHT noW

took me over a month to get. might never shiny hunt a legendary besides shadow mewtwo

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Yeah, gg man, btw shiny shadow mew2 is SO COOL

GG man, GG. I wish he has a good nature (Jolly).

I actually got adamant so haha

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l. HATE. YOU. :joy: :joy: :joy:

just me over here resetting 4 iv stones

@Sbeve actually I have also gotten a shiny rayquaza on a fire red RANDOMIZER (It was not in insurgnce but come on, it is a FUKIN SHINY RAZQUAZ


I’m usually not a fan of shinies but gotta admit black Rayquaza looks cool. And you are definetely flexing on us but it’s fine XD

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i have all pokemon in pokemon fire red and a shiny raquaza too

Congratulations on the shiny Rayquaza.

I`m impressed with your patience, shiny hunting for a month, that´s amazing


I wanted to quit so many times because I just wanted to play lmao. Decided to stick with it and got my black licorice

I know that feeling when you want to quit the hunt because you want to continue with the adventure.

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